Safari Style: On the Zambezi River

Afternoon light beams across the Zambezi River, as hippos wake from their midday siesta to compare tales from the land of nod. Following an exciting day of waterfall chasing, jet boating, and wildlife viewing, we prepare for sundowner cocktails around the fire at Tongabezi Lodge. An evening I’ll never forget!

Safari Outfits

I’m going to let you in on a secret. You know how the classic safari look is all khaki and beige and green? As it turns out, most of the animals you see on safari are color blind, so there’s no need to wear specific colors in an attempt to camouflage. That being said, if you wear bright pink, it may be distracting for your fellow jeep passengers, and it’s fun to dress in traditional safari outfits! 

When packing for a safari, definitely bring layers to transition with the temperature. Especially if you travel during the African Winter, it can go from cold to hot very quickly. Mornings were very chilly during our trip! Here are my tips for packing safari outfits for your trip.

Since you’ll be out on a game drive or boat ride for hours at a time, sun protection is critical. This hat from Pistil was perfect because it protected my face from the sun while allowing airflow to keep cool, (and it made me feel like a real adventurer!) Anthropologie is a great place to look for pants for a safari trip. They have so many cute and comfortable options that you’ll continue to wear back home. I mostly wore boots or tennis shoes out on game drives and sandals back at the camp. For daytime tops, I brought three different colors of my favorite cotton T-Shirt from MUJI.   

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As I gazed out on the river from the deck outside our room, what I thought were large rocks turned out to be dozens of hippos, large and small! The honking sound they make is so unexpected and incredible.





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