Amazing Brands for Women’s Suits

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It’s the ultimate fashion power move. The finely tailored women’s suit, whether in a classic tweed or a bold print, is a sexy statement piece that should be a part of every woman’s wardrobe.

I love wearing a suit to important meetings, and once when I wore one with loafers to a fancy party in Hollywood I lost count of how many women came up to me that night to tell me how much they loved the look. There are so many options in the world of suiting it can be hard to choose; heels or loafers, vest and necktie or dressed down?

Women’s suits are a relatively new staple in the fashion world, since women have only been wearing them for less than a century. Along with women’s neckwear, suits have become more and more popular. Many famous female celebrities rock suits and ties to award ceremonies and events, and the female power suit continuously evolves.

We’ve curated a selection of our favorite stores and brands to help you find a suit to suit your style.

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Scotch and Soda

One of my favorite stores to find unique and well made suits is Scotch and Soda. I’m lucky to live near a Scotch and Soda store, and I love to wander through just to enjoy the scents and sounds of the brands’ worldly atmosphere. The women’s section is full of bold and colorful prints, comfortable fitting pants, and luxurious fabrics. We had just finished the first run of manufacturing on our Nzinga Bee ties when I happened to go into the Scotch and Soda store. The first thing I saw as a I walked in the door was the blue velvet bee suit I’m wearing above, which perfectly matches the Nzinga Tie! The bee suit has been a huge hit every time I wear it.


Alice and Olivia

Another top spot for fabulous prints and colorful suits is Alice and Olivia. When I walk into the store I suddenly feel bold enough to wear a neon yellow purple pant suit, and can’t believe I’ve gone my entire life without one. I love that I can wear pieces from Alice and Olivia seamlessly from day to night

flamingo suits

The Flamingo Suits

Because every couple needs matching suits.

The Flamingo Suits create personalized tailored suits in wild patterns. They also rent suits for your next special occasion. You’re definitely winning if your boyfriend is willing to go out with you wearing matching pink flamingo suits.

sharpe suiting

Sharpe Suiting

Sharpe Suiting is a revolutionary queer-owned business that offers people of all (or no) genders the opportunity to dress exactly the way they want. They offer online shopping and limited in-person fittings for bespoke suits.


Kirrin Finch

Kirrin Finch is a Brooklyn-based company that specializes in fitted button down shirts for women that give the look of bespoke menswear. Check out their site for clean and modern suits, pants, shirts, shoes, and accessories.

duchess clothier

Duchess Clothier

Duchess Clothier’s claim to fame is that they make “custom clothing for everybody and every occasion.” All their suits are made to order from your exact measurements, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit every time. Make an appointment to check out their Portland showroom and see what they’re all about.



CharlieBoy is an Australian company that makes bespoke shirts. You can use their fabric or provide your own. No matter what gender you are, CharlieBoy will make you a custom shirt, fitted to your measurements.

bindle and keep

Bindle and Keep

Bindle and Keep lets you customize absolutely everything about your suit, from the cut and style to the fabric and fit. From work suits to wedding suits, Bindle and Keep offers minute attention to detail and quality above all else.


Brooks Brothers

Brooks Brothers offers simple, classic silhouettes for women’s suits. You can find suit-sets, pants, dresses, skirts, and shirts in traditional, high-quality fabrics, colors, and prints. Their clothing is not bespoke, but many Brooks Brothers stores have onsite tailors.


Anne Taylor

Anne Taylor offers no-nonsense women’s suits and separates at an affordable price. Like Brooks Brothers, they have a set selection of sizes to choose from. However, they do not offer tailoring services, so you will have to bring your purchase to your own tailor if it does not fit correctly.

calvin klein

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein offers traditionally cut, simple women’s suits. They don’t offer bespoke tailoring, but you can find their suits in Macy’s, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Lord and Taylor, and Belk.



For those who need a tailored suit at an affordable price, Sumissura is an excellent option. You can choose a pant suit or a skirt suit made from 150 different fabrics. However, the online reviews are mixed, with some customers complaining about ill-fitting products.


Suit Kits

Suit Kits makes it easy to order a custom-made suit. They offer three templates to begin your design—business professional, business casual, and fashion forward. You can even pick the fabrics, linings, buttons on your suit.

sene studio

Sene Studio

Sene Studio makes men and women’s suits to order. Their silhouettes are trendy and cool, and they use four-way stretch fabric that doesn’t wrinkle. They believe in limiting fashion waste and providing beautiful, handmade clothing at the same time.

thom browne

Thom Browne

Make an appointment at a Thom Browne studio to be personal measured by the inhouse tailors. Most of their locations are in Asia and Europe, but they do have one NYC location. Very unique and high quality designs.

alexander mcqueen

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen is known for dramatic silhouettes and dark, edgy pieces. Pick from their made-to-wear selection for a statement suit that will definitely make a splash at your next board meeting.

Do you enjoy wearing suits? Let me know in the comments below!



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