The Leopard Does Not Change Her Spots


Involuntary patience.

I’m experiencing my first Saturn Return. This occurs when Saturn returns to the same place where it was when you were born, about every 27-30 years. Saturn Returns can be a time when everything in your life changes, a time of letting go of the things that no longer serve you in order to step into the next incredible phase of your life. It is frightening to experience so much upheaval, but also exciting. For many months I felt as though nothing was changing, and I wasn’t getting anywhere. Everything I tried failed. Yet now, little by little, doors are opening. 

Alistair Trung Top, Lunavore Vestie

Laurel is wearing Alistair Trung Top, Anthropologie Pants, Lunavore Vestie, Dolce Vita Shoes

Leopard, Anthropologie Pants and Dolce Vita Shoes

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