6 Amazing Benefits of Exercise for your Mental Health

We all know that regular exercise can make us physically fit. However, exercise is not only beneficial for our physical health, it works wonders on our mental health! In fact, with regular exercise we can reduce the stress, anxiety and depression that is part of day to day life. Exercise is a crucial part of my wellness routine. Sometimes I stop exercising for a few days of weeks, and I immediately start to notice a difference in my mental state. Here are 6 of the ways exercise can help improve your mental health.  


If you have been experiencing a lack of energy and low mood, then exercise can give you a boost. Why? Because it promotes positive changes in our brain while also acting as a great distraction from anything stressful we might be going through in life. It promotes new activity patterns and  releases endorphins that makes us feel better. You may have noticed that after exercising your mind feels more calm and energized.

Self Confidence

One way to boost your self-esteem and view yourself more positively is to work on your physical fitness through exercise. This is not only because exercise can help you lose weight or build muscle tone, but when you start feeling stronger, get better at a sport, or meet new friends through your exercise hobby you feel better overall. Once you become a healthier individual you also learn to love yourself more and realize your self-worth.

Connect with Friends and Family

Whether you like to hike, do yoga, or lift weights, you can spend time with your family while getting fit, and even meet new friends.

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When you are under extreme stress, the muscles in your body may be tense. This not only results in back or neck pain but also in headaches. Exercising relieves the tension in your body and once your body feels better, your mind will feel better too.


 If you have mood swings or have been feeling down lately, exercise can definitely improve your mood. With the release of endorphins you get from exercise, you experience euphoria and happiness. Doctors suggests that their patients get regular exercise for both health and happiness. 

Cognitive diseases

The older we get, our chance of acquiring cognitive diseases increases. With regular exercise, you are increasing the chemicals released on your brain that prevent degeneration of the hippocampus. As a result, your brain will continue to work well even as you age.

These are just some of the benefits that exercise can provide for your mental health!


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