Quick Actions you can take Right Now for more Sustainable Living

Switch your default web browser on your phone and computer to Ecosia

Sign up for a local CSA box to get more of your food from local farmers

Quickly unsubscribe from newsletters and delete emails using Mailstrom

Get a monthly subscription to remove CO2 from the atmosphere with Climeworks

Calculate your carbon footprint and remove CO2 from the atmosphere with Nori

Get a compost bin or sign up with a local compost service

Switch to plant based milk. Even better, make your own at home using an Almond Cow

Sign up for a monthly subscription to plant trees with Treeera

Switch to using reusable cotton swabs

Switch to using reusable tissues

Switch to more sustainable period products, including reusable period panties, reusable tampon applicators, and reusable pads

Get a reusable water bottle and stop buying bottled water

Get a reusable coffee mug and bring it with you to coffee shops

Switch to refillable dental floss

Switch your laundry detergent to climate pledge certified laundry soda

Switch from using dryer sheets to adorable hedgehog dryer balls

Switch to a more sustainable and reef safe sunscreen

Sign up for TreeCard, the first wooden payment card that plants trees every time you spend

Plant Trees ‘n’ Chill with Plantyflix. Plant trees to offset your Netflix binge sessions

Switch your alarm clock to EcoWake and plant trees every time you wake up on time

Switch to a more sustainable dry cleaning service

Stop getting junk mail with PaperKarma


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