Wangari Fein


Big Cat Rescue in Florida is one of the largest accredited sanctuaries in the world dedicated to abused and abandoned big cats.Home to about 80+ lions, tigers, bobcats, cougars and other species most of whom have been abandoned, abused, orphaned, saved from being turned into fur coats, or retired from performing acts.

What sets Big Cat Rescue apart is that they are working to end the abuse at its root by ending the private possession and trade in exotic cats through legislation and education.

Wangari Maathai was the founder of the Green Belt Movement and the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. Noted for her contribution to “sustainable development, democracy and peace.”

For each Wangari Tie sold Dwimmer donates $10 to Big Cat Rescue

Color: Black with metallic gold and red

Features angled blade and tail

Length 15 1/2″ from neck to tip

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