Turing Mod – Limited Edition


Named after one of the best-known scientists of the 20th century – and one of few scientists to ever reach pop culture recognition – the Turing makes a subtle nod to its scientific roots. The man himself was perhaps best known for his work with computers and for saving millions of lives in World War II by decrypting Nazi codes for the Allies. In keeping with its name, our neckpiece channels a fashionably mathematical, scientific vibe with its design. Crafted from high quality woven cotton, the piece is set with a dark gray charcoal background, studded  with repeating pops of bright green dots throughout. It is finished with a brushed metal grommet.

The Mod Tie is our version of the skinny. It is the same width from neck to square end

Color: Gray and Green with metal grommet
Front Fabric: Cotton

20″ or 15″ length is from neck to end.

We have measured hundreds of people and the 20″ length works for the majority of male customers, 15″ for female. If you need a different size please contact us. To find your length, measure from your top shirt button to where you would like the tip of the tie to hit (top of belt is standard.)

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