Escher Mod


Pushing the boundaries of what is perceived as “possible” and challenging the conventions surrounding the possibility of perfect union between boldly creative, impeccably elegant, mysteriously complex and unexplainably attractive is only a fraction of what “Escher” does.

Experience the impossible and enter a new world of inspiration, creativity and possibility by putting Escher Mod on.

The Mod Tie is our version of the skinny. It is the same width from neck to square end

20″ or 15″ length is from neck to end.

We have measured hundreds of people and the 20″ length works for the majority of male customers, 15″ for female. If you need a different size please contact us. To find your length, measure from your top shirt button to where you would like the tip of the tie to hit (top of belt is standard.)

Color: Blue and Black

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