My 7 Favorite Eco Friendly & Reusable Coffee Cups

I used to have a habit of rushing out the door in the morning and buying coffee, which meant I was creating a lot of waste through my use of disposable coffee cups. Finally I decided I had to cut the habit, so now I always make coffee at home to bring to work or I bring my own mug to a coffeeshop.

Each year consumers use an estimated 600 billion plastic and paper cups worldwide. Although some of these cups are recyclable, most aren’t. Many of these disposable coffee cups have a plastic coating and plastic lids, both of which cannot be recycled and often end up in landfills, waterways and the ocean. An eco-friendly reusable coffee cup is an excellent alternative and a great way to do your part for the environment. They also make great gifts!

There are many different reusable coffee cups to choose from. Here are a few of my favorites!



My 7 Favorite Reusable Coffee Cups


1. Keepcup Reusable Coffee Cup

Keepcup, an Aussie brand of sustainable, reusable coffee cups, was founded by former café owners. The Keepcup is a fully recyclable, lightweight cup made from non-toxic BPA-free plastic. This reusable coffee mug is available in five different sizes ranging from an espresso size to a large 454ml size that is perfect for lattes.

Along with various sizes, there is also a broad range of attractive colors to choose from, including hibiscus and fennel. Each component of the cup, including the lid, container, band, and plug can be purchased separately in different colors, allowing you to create your unique design.

There is also a cork and glass edition that is made in Portugal by using waste products, a wine cork manufacturer. Keepcups are made to be durable and shock resistant with an easy to open and close lid. To open or close the lid, you simply rotate a top piece until it clicks in place.

The lid is splash-proof, so you don’t have to worry about splashing a hot liquid on yourself or staining your favorite shirt with coffee or tea. The only disadvantage of the Keepcup is that it doesn’t have insulation, so hot beverages tend to cool down in about an hour.

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2. Rcup Reusable Coffee Cup

The Rcup is a well-designed eco-friendly coffee cup that is available in a variety of color options, such as teal, millennial pink and mustard. One of the best features is that it’s leak-proof, so no worries about dripping coffee on yourself, and you can toss it into your laptop bag without worrying about leaks.

If the seal does wear out, it can be replaced, free of charge. The affordable, sustainable Rcup is made with an outer thermal layer, and the cup itself is 100% recyclable. The opening and closing mechanism consist of a button that you press down, and the 360-degree drinking mechanism provides the feeling of drinking from an open cup.

The Rcup has excellent insulation, which does a great job of keeping hot drinks hot and iced drinks cold without the cup being uncomfortable to hold. The only disadvantage of the Rcup reusable coffee cup is a minor one; the opening button makes a clicking noise when it’s pressed, which can be disruptive when you’re in a quiet area, such as a lecture or meeting.

3. Huskup Eco-Friendly Coffee Cups

Huskup reusable coffee cups are made from rice husks (the protective outer layer of grains of rice). This eco-friendly material provides an effective, yet durable alternative to plastic, and when you’re done with the cup, it can be tossed into the compost heap.

A Huskup comes with a removable, recyclable silicone sleeve and lid. The cup is dishwasher and microwave safe; however, it will have a longer lifespan if its hand washed. This reusable coffee cup is biodegradable, durable, and 100% plastic and toxin-free.

Huskup is available in several designs, including beautiful limited edition artist prints, and you can also design your own custom cup on their website. This reusable coffee mug is exceptionally durable and should last for many years. The only disadvantage of the Huskup is that it is slightly more expensive than some of the other brands of eco-friendly coffee cups.

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4. Ecoffee Cup Made From Bamboo

The Ecoffee Cup is made from bamboo fiber, which is the world’s most sustainable crop. The cup is fully biodegradable, so when it reaches the end of its lifespan, simply crush it, soak it in boiling water and toss it in your compost heap. The silicone sleeve and lid are also recyclable.

The cup has the thick cardboard feel of a coffee shop cup, but it’s incredibly sturdy and dishwasher safe. The cup is easy to clean, does an excellent job of keeping beverages warm, and the detachable stopper in the lid prevents your drink from sloshing around. The Ecoffee reusable coffee cup is available in a wide range of colorful patterns and designs.

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5. Joco Glass Reusable Coffee Cup

Unlike many other reusable coffee cups that are made from lightweight materials, such as bamboo, the Joco reusable coffee cup is made from non-porous glass. Although the cup is made from glass, it is still surprisingly lightweight and available in three sizes; 6oz, 12oz, and 16oz.

All three sizes fit comfortably under the majority of professional espresso machines, and the glass keeps beverages hot while preventing the flavor of your coffee from being affected, unlike how a traditional plastic or paper cup might. The Joco glass cup comes with a silicone sleeve that is heat-proof and easy to grip, and the silicone, splash-proof lid fits snug on the top of the cup.

The only disadvantage of the Joco glass eco-friendly coffee mug is that it doesn’t fit well in standard cup holders.

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6. YETI Rambler With Handle 

If you are searching for a reusable coffee cup, but aren’t thrilled with the traditional travel mug, the YETI Rambler is the ideal option for you. This eco-friendly coffee cup comes with a handle, so it’s similar to a standard coffee mug, but it’s much more durable than your usual coffee mugs.

The YETI Rambler is available in a wide variety of fun colors, such as seafoam green, and it’s made from stainless steel, so it keeps your coffee hot for several hours. The reusable coffee mug comes with a plastic lid and rubber gasket for a tight fit; however, the lid doesn’t fully close, which makes it easy to spill and leak.

You can purchase a separate MagSlider Lid for your YETI mug, which will prevent leaks and spills. One of the best features of this reusable coffee cup is the handle, which is 4-inches in diameter. The YETI is made from thick gauge stainless steel, so it’s incredibly durable. The main disadvantage of the YETI is that the heavy steel makes the cup heavier than others, and the handle prevents the cup from fitting into the cup holder.

Check out the YETI Rambler

7. Contigo Eco-Friendly Coffee Mug 

The Contigo mug may look like your everyday stainless steel travel cup, but it has a variety of features that make it a superior and affordable option. The Contigo eco-friendly coffee cup is 100% leak-proof; not only does it not leak while traveling, but it’s also spill-proof if you knock it over.

The stainless steel is BPA free, and they also sell a BPA-free plastic mug. The Contigo is double-walled and vacuum-sealed, which means it will keep your hot beverages hot for about 5 hours and cold drinks cold for about 12 hours.

This mug has autoseal technology, so you simply press the autoseal button on the side of the cup to take a sip and let the button go when you’re done to automatically close the mouthpiece. There are three size options; 16oz, 20oz, and 24oz, all of which are available in a variety of colors.

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