29 Female Celebs Rocking Neckties

cara delevigne

Female celebrities throughout history have rocked the necktie look during everything from awards ceremonies to royal balls. I’m proud to say that many female bloggers, artists, entrepreneurs, and even famous drag kid Desmond is Amazing have been rocking Laurel Christine Neckties on TV, the runway, and in everyday life. Neckties look good on all genders! I took a closer look into celebrities wearing menswear inspired looks and curated my favorites. Let’s dive in and find proof that famous women in ties can rock them as good as any man!

The Women’s Necktie – a Brief History

Neckwear for both men and women has been evolving with each era of style for hundreds of years. Although famously bought to public attention by Diane Keaton (Vanity Fair), the women’s necktie has been in existence for a lot longer. Although historians agree that neckties first appeared in the court of King Louis XIII – only men wore these. It wasn’t until much later that famous women made an impression wearing ties. 

Arguably, ties for women were first conceived back in the 1850s when women’s rights activist Amelia Bloomer began protesting the fact that women’s clothing was heavy, cumbersome, and made for fashion over function. Up until then the Pussy Bow (sported by such women as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent,) was the only female version of the male tie.

This jump from strictly women’s garments to the introduction of menswear for women was further pushed forward after women gained the right to vote in the 20’s. Subsequently, actresses like Katherine Hepburn and Marlene Dietrich were able to sport ties for women as acceptable evening wear for all. You can read more about the history of women’s neckties courtesy of Kirrin Finch.

Famous Celebrities Wearing Neckties

Several female celebrities have frequently sported necktie looks throughout their careers. Annie Lennox famously wore one for the music video of Sweet Dreams during her time with the Eurythmics, which echoed the evolution of the 80’s ‘power woman’ vibe; where women dressed in suits with high shoulder pads in imitation of menswear.

This advancement of the suit for women brought a new wave in attitudes. When women started wearing pantsuits in the mid-forties, it gave way to a whole world of acceptable fashion previously never known. Since then, female celebrities wearing neckties have managed to push the boundaries even further. Iconic women like Patti Smith, Diane Keaton (one of the original suit-wearing-women),  Celine Dion, and even Madonna are all among these big names, and the trend has become timeless in its own right.

Famous Women in Ties Will Continue to Win Us Over

Famous women in ties include Icons such as Lucille Ball, who had a massive list of accolades and who pioneered the way for women longing to be studio owners. Strong women who are leaders in their fields have rocked the necktie look. The suit and necktie for women have become a sought-after style in women’s fashion, and it doesn’t look like it is going away any time soon.

Now for the fun part, photos!

Blake Lively ties many on

blake lively necktie
blake lively necktie
blake lively necktie

L to R: Victoria Justice, Janelle Monae, Emmy Rossum, Jameela Jamil

lucille ball necktie

Lucille Ball


Diane Keaton in ‘Annie Hall’


Daryl Hannah in ‘Splash’


Marlene Dietrich

brigette bardot suit

Brigette Bardot

princess diana tie

Princess Diana

cara delevingne suit

Cara Delevingne


Janelle Monae


Katherine Hepburn

patti smith necktie

Patti Smith


Annie Lennox

jennifer aniston necktie

Jennifer Aniston


Leighton Meester

madonna necktie


ellen page tie

Ellen Page


Amelia Earhart

salma hayek

Salma Hayek

clara bow

Clara Bow

ingrid bergman

Ingrid Bergman

julia roberts necktie

Julia Roberts

beyonce tie


ellen degeneres tie

Ellen Degeneres

rihanna tie


cate blanchett necktie

Cate Blanchett

Who do you think wore it best? Let me know in the comments!


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