Eco Friendly Yoga Essentials for a More Sustainable Practice

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Yogis and sustainability go handinhand. How could they not, given that the art of yoga is all about restoring balance and harmony?

Every session is an opportunity to reconnect with nature, and these eco-friendly yoga gear essentials can help you get more out of every movement.

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My Favorite Eco-Friendly Yoga Gear


Wood or Cork Yoga Blocks

Yoga blocks act like natural extensions of the arms to help you hold complex poses. They’re ideal for beginners, but even seasoned yogis use them for added support and alignment.

Wood and cork are both sustainable materials that make for a sturdy, durable block. They’re easy to care for and will easily fit into your yoga essentials bag.

wood yoga block

Wood Yoga Block

Cork Yoga Block


Eco Friendly Yoga Mats

The most basic of all yoga essentials, an eco friendly yoga mat made out of foam or natural rubber is a perfect addition to your practice. Many yoga mats are made out of plastic, so choosing one made out of cork, rubber, or natural fibers is better for the environment. Both foam and rubber are lightweight options for portability. Rubber’s natural grip ensures your mat stays in place for every pose.

Cork and Rubber Yoga Mat

Cork and Rubber Yoga Mat

Repose makes great yoga mats that are wide, thick, and made out of sustainably sourced rubber and cork. They don’t slide around and the cork helps with gripping. 

Natural Fiber Yoga Mat

Ajna’s beautiful yoga mats are made from natural fibers and are 100% biodegradable. They’re odorless, lightweight, and free from toxic chemicals.

yoga mat
rubber yoga mat

Rubber Yoga Mat

I love this mat from IUGA, made from sustainably harvested tree rubber. It’s lightweight and never slips, which is especially important during hot yoga. 

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Yoga Accessories

cotton yoga bolster

Cotton Yoga Bolsters

A yoga bolster is similar to a body pillow, but it’s firmer to offer more support. Beginners and advanced yogis use them to relax during their yoga session and open up the body. They’re most commonly used in prenatal and restorative yoga, although they’re comfy enough to where you’ll want any excuse to whip one out. For an ecofriendly option, grab one that’s made from 100% cotton.

Cork Yoga Wedge

Similar to yoga bolsters, a yoga wedge can help support body weight and bring stability to your poses. It’s ideal for adding extra support to the wrists and helping to alleviate pain. A cork yoga wedge is among the most ecofriendly, since cork is a 100% natural material that can be sustainably sourced.

cork yoga wedge
cotton yoga strap

Cotton Yoga Straps

Yoga straps come in various styles and materials, but cotton yoga straps will give you a more sustainable option. Yogis use these straps to achieve a wider range of motion while stretching. They’re particularly helpful if you have shorter arms or stiffer muscles that don’t allow you tobend as far you want. You can use the straps to warm up your muscles and work toward greater flexibility.

Cotton Yoga Blanket

A mainstay in any yoga bag, a yoga blanket can be used in different ways throughout your routine. For starters, it’s a cozy, cushy prop that can make you feel warm and comfy while stretching. You can also fold it to various thicknesses for added support.

Cotton is the best material for a yoga blanket because it’s durable, can take just about any shape (e.g. rolled, folded, or pleated), and is highly sustainable. I love this beautiful and unique moon blanket!

cotton yoga blanket
yoga towel

Hot Yoga Mat Towel

If you’re doing hot yoga, prepare to sweat. And when you sweat, your mat can get slick and make you lose your grip. A yoga mat towel is your best defense for hot yoga, as it offers more traction and absorbs sweat. Your mat stays in place so you can, too.

I love the eQua towel because it stays in place, doesn’t smell bad, and dries quickly. This towel is better made than others I’ve tried, so it will last a lot longer.

Cotton Yoga Mat Bag

You need a durable bag to carry all your yoga gear, and there’s no better option than cotton. Cotton is machine washable, so you can give it a deep cleaning as needed to prevent sweat and odors from lingering. Plus, it can double as a purse and hold your cell phone, keys, wallet, lip gloss, and water bottle.

I love this bag from Yogiii because it’s comfortable to carry and actually large enough to hold my yoga mat, blocks, towel, and other accessories. Plus it comes in many fun colors!

yoga mat spray

Natural Yoga Mat Spray

I love keeping my yoga mat clean and smelling fresh with this all natural spray. The spray is made with witch hazel and a blend of essentials oils with antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties.

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