6 Festive Eco Friendly Gift Wrap Options

Wrapping your presents in eco friendly gift wrap makes the holiday season even more joyful. Not only does it help reduce waste during one of the most wasteful times of the year, but there are some beautiful methods for wrapping presents using eco friendly materials. My family is full of expert gift wrappers, and while I don’t know how they manage to fold such perfectly crisp corners, I love coming up with unique wrapping presentations.

Since this is one of my most asked questions during this time of the year, I have put together my favorite ways to sustainably wrap gifts.



Here are my favorite eco friendly gift wrap options !

plantable holiday card - eco friendly gift wrap
Image by Seedy Cards

Plantable Holiday Cards

These eco-friendly holiday cards are such a fun idea! They could be a gift in and of themselves. These aren’t just your traditional holiday cards wishing you a happy new year- these cards are plantable

After the holidays are over and you begin taking down your holiday decorations, instead of recycling this christmas card you can plant it! Inside the paper the company Seedy Cards has embedded seeds to grow wildflowers. 

They come in so many gorgeous designs and are always a big hit with my family. 

Check out the plantable cards

Seeded Gift Wrap Kit

This kit is one of the most popular sustainable purchases on Amazon, and for good reason. This flowering seeded gift wrap kit is the perfect addition to your eco friendly gift wrap kit this holiday season. 

The kit includes 100% recycled paper embedded with thousands of wildflower seeds, plenty of natural raffia, and 6 gift tags. 

The wrapping paper comes in beautiful pink, blue, and yellow colors and is perfect for any celebration year round. This is the perfect way to give 2 gifts in one!

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Recycled Wrapping Paper

Created in Washington State and designed by local artists, this wrapping paper is made from recycled newspapers. 

Printed in Washington State, Wrappily has created dozens of fun and unique designs to make your eco-friendly wrapping ideas the talk around the tree this holiday season!

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Cotton Gift Bags

These reusable cotton bags look so lovely under the tree or on a gift table. They are adorable, come in a lot of shapes and sizes, and they make wrapping a breeze. And they are way better for the environment than traditional wrapping paper. 

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The cotton gift bags come in several colors and patterns that will make anyone that receives them just melt. These cotton bags are sturdy and come with a built-in tie.

Did I just order some while writing this? You bet. 

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Polka Dot Wrapping Set

This deluxe wrapping set on Amazon is so much fun, I am surprised that I don’t see it everywhere during the holidays!

It’s an eco-friendly stretchy fabric that has created a no-fuss method to wrapping presents. Complete with built in bows, this set requires nothing else- no tape, scissors, anything! 

This awesome wrapping set saves time, the environment, and reduces paper waste. Plus it comes in so many great prints!

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Image by Daisy Petal Organics

Custom Gift Box

To give a gift is so special, but to give it in a custom give box- now that is incredible! Which is why this custom gift box from Daisy Petal Organics made the list. They take an eco-friendly wood case and turn it into a work of art to present your gift in the best way possible. 

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Biodegradable Tape

Tape is one of the most important parts of gift wrapping! There aren’t many eco-friendly tape options out there, but kraft paper tape is recyclable and biodegradable, making it a great option. And it can add a fun accent color to earthy gift wrap.

Check out the paper tape

There are so many eco friendly gift wrap ideas out there, and these are just a few of my favorites! I hope this guide has given you some wrapping inspiration for a festive and waste free holiday.

For more gifting inspiration, check out all of my eco-friendly gift guides.

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