Eco-Friendly Brands: Promo Codes, Coupons, and Discounts

You found the treasure chest!

Although I don’t promote a lifestyle focused around consumerism and over-consumption, the truth is that (almost) all of us buy products. We all cook and wear clothes and probably don’t have the time to DIY all our skincare products. I believe in voting with your dollars, and by supporting brands and designers that genuinely care about creating products with a reduced environmental footprint, this helps in the transition to a more sustainable world. If you buy from an ethical brand, that provides them with resources to continue developing better systems and materials, and also helps to support their employees.

In some cases, buying one product, like a reusable cotton swab, can prevent the consumption and waste of hundreds of additional products.

One thing that can be challenging about transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle is the cost. Although not all eco-friendly habits are expensive, some can be. Especially when it comes to clothing, eco-friendly brands can be more expensive, prohibiting many shoppers from purchasing from them.

Fortunately, many amazing brands offer one time and ongoing discounts, making their products more accessible.

I’ve rounded up deals from many of my favorite brands, and be sure to check back as I’m always adding more!

Kitchen and Food

Almond Cow Plant-Based Milk Maker

Get $10 off using this link

Shoes and Accessories

Christy Dawn

Get $30 off your first purchase of $150 or more using this link!

Veerah Appeel

Get 10% off using code BYLC10


eClean Dry Cleaning

Get free shipping on your order when you use code LAURELCHRISTINE or click the link!

Christy Dawn

Get $30 off your first purchase of $150 or more using this link!

Conscious Step Socks

Get 20% off using code LAUREL20

Reprise Activewear

Get 20% off your first order using this link!


Get 10% off using code LAURELCHRISTINE

Skin and Body

LastObject Reusable Cotton Swabs and Tissues

Get 10% off using code BYLC10


A Good Co.

Get 10% off using code LAURELCHRISTINE10

Gifts and Misc.

A Good Co.

Get 10% off using code LAURELCHRISTINE10

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