11 Amazing Brands to Shop for Eco Friendly Dresses

When I stop and think about all the clothing that ends up just sitting for decades in landfills and dumps, it’s almost impossible to process. The ‘wear once and return or toss out’ mentality has gotten worse with the rise of Instagram, and it doesn’t show any respect for the planet or the designers and makers who create our clothing.

While one might assume that it isn’t a big deal if things end up in landfills, this isn’t the case. Landfills are one of the biggest emitters of greenhouse gases, and they also leak toxic substances into the soil and water. Also, it takes a lot of energy, water, and materials to produce goods, so if they hardly get used before they end up in a landfill it’s a huge waste.

No matter how many times you plan to wear an outfit, shopping from sustainable designers helps both before and after your purchase and is one great way to build a more sustainable wardrobe. Using eco-friendly materials can reduce the amount of water and energy used in making clothing, and it can also mean that clothing will last longer or biodegrade more quickly.

With the constant warm weather here in Hawai’i I’m always on the lookout for cute, comfortable, and eco friendly dresses.

Here are some of my top picks for ethical clothing and eco friendly dresses!

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Here are my favorite brands to shop for eco friendly dresses!

These 11 eco-friendly brands are both sustainable and stylish


Amour Vert

Amour Vert is a fashion brand that focuses on staple colors that go well with any type of wardrobe. You’ll find a wide range of neutral colors to choose from. And if you like some stripes in the mix, they have you covered there, too. Their name actually means “green love,” and they’re all about being kind to Mother Nature in everything that they do. The brand also makes sure to use non-toxic dyes in their clothing pieces. I love the Cornelia Ribbed Dress and the Blanca Cloud Rib Dress.  

Check out Amour Vert

Cotton On

Cotton on produces clothing made from organic cotton, and they are known to be pioneers in their sustainability efforts. You’ll find a wide range of clothing products for kids, men, and women that you can be sure are produced in a way to leave as small a footprint as possible.  

Check out Cotton on


Pact is a great clothing brand for eco friendly dresses that is not only a leader in the industry, but they also make sure that they’re using organic cotton as well in all of their cotton clothing products. Their vision is to help customers make less of an impact on Mother Nature, and they do their part by making sure to use organic fabrics and to also have their products being made at Fair Trade Factories. The Classic Cable Knit Sweater Dress is such a cute staple, I love the charcoal and the cabernet colors.

Check out Pact


Reformation does a great job at making their clothing options sexy and stylish, on top of being eco-friendly! As a matter of fact, that combination is what makes them one of the top eco-friendly clothing companies that women LOVE to shop at. They are very transparent in their beliefs and practices and have shown females all around the world that there is a way to reduce our carbon impact and look cute doing so. The Cassi Dress is a perfect black staple, and I love the unique linen look of the Dora Dress.

Check out Reformation


Vetta not only uses sustainable fabrics and creates clothing in responsible ways, but they also show their customers how to create multiple outfits out of just a few pieces of clothing. This is such a great mindset to implement to show people that you don’t need to be wasteful and buy tons but rather be creative in the clothing that you have. 

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Check out Vetta

VETTA | Capsule Wardrobes | Sustainable Fashion

Beaumont Organic

Beaumont Organic is an ethical clothing brand that offers some really unique and fun looks. They offer dresses, tops, and other clothing pieces that are created using certified organic cotton, linen, and lyocell fabrics. This company believes in luxury fashion, ethically. Their style offerings are often modern with a clean, cut look.

Check out Beaumont Organic

Collina Strada

Collina Strada is so much more than just clothing. The company has made it well known that it’s also a foundation for standing true on social issues as well. Over the years, they’ve been passionate about self-expression, climate change, and more. If you’re looking for clothing options that are fun and simple to wear, their wide variety of options will have you feeling great about yourself and the platforms that you stand for as well. 

Check out Collina Strada


Linenfox is a small online brand that is making big waves. Since the company started in 2014, they’ve held true to their stance on being eco-friendly in everything that they do. Their clothing products are made using toxic-free certified linen, and their garments are hand-sewn in Lithuania. I love the Mimosa dress and the Amalfi dress

Check out Linenfox

My Picks

linenfox eco friendly dresses
Mimosa Dress – Image by LinenFox
Amalfi Dress – Image by LinenFox

Not Perfect Linen

Not Perfect Linen is an online Etsy shop that is taking the world by storm with their message of embracing organic style. All of their products are created with an ethical approach, and they also use tex certified linen fabric that they get from local manufacturers. Their style is casual with comfort and style. I love the drop shoulder summer dress and the washed linen tunic!

Check out Not Perfect Linen

My Picks

notperfectlinen dress
Drop Shoulder Summer dress – Image by notPERFECTLINEN
Washed Linen Tunic – Image by notPERFECTLINEN


Magiclinen offers excellent quality with a wide variety of eco-friendly products. You’ll find that for their clothing products, they use stone washed, OEKO- TEX certified European flax as well. This means that their products are free from harmful chemicals and substances. They’re even conscious about how they package their items as well to ensure that it’s not wasteful, too. Shopping online, you’ll see that they have a lot of variance in products that you can order for all your fashion needs. My favorite pieces are the Royal Toscana dress and the Tie-front dress, which come in several colors.

Check out MagicLinen

My Picks

Royal Tuscana Dress – Image by MagicLinen
eco friendly dresses
Tie-front Linen Dress – Image by MagicLinen

Love and Confuse

Love and Confuse focuses on creating quality linen clothes that are so easy to wear. I love this brand for travel dresses that are cute and comfortable to wear on all day excursions. The brand uses premium linen for their products, and they believe that you can purchase clothing to wear again and again without the worry of it breaking down to have to toss out and buy something new. They’re environmentally conscious of creating clothing that will last many, many years. Two of my favorite pieces are the Mary and Aria linen dresses, which come in multiple colors!

Check out Love and Confuse

My Picks

loveandconfuse - eco friendly dresses
MARY Wrap Dress – Image by LoveAndConfuse
eco-friendly fresses loveandconfuse
ARIA Dress – Image by LoveAndConfuse

When it comes to finding companies that you can support and get behind, this list of companies are ones to have on your radar. Not only do they create eco friendly dresses, but they’re committed to building a better world with each and every sale.  

Have you bought eco friendly dresses from any of these brands? Let me know in the comments below!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the above links are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I earn a commission if you make a purchase. I would never recommend anything I don’t personally love and the income goes towards keeping this site running and free to everyone.

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