8 Best Eco Friendly Yoga Mats for a more Sustainable Practice

Yoga is such an important part of my wellness routine, but I can’t achieve complete peace of mind unless I know my yoga mat, yoga gear, and workout clothes are environmentally friendly. Most yoga mats are made from plastic and are not environmentally friendly, and in my opinion that doesn’t jibe with the ethos of yoga.

It takes hundreds of years for old PVC mats to decompose when they’re thrown out, and if they’re incinerated they release dioxin, a highly toxic chemical, into the atmosphere.

Many yoga mats that are labeled “eco-friendly” are made from TPE, a synthetic mix of rubber and plastic. This material is less harmful to the environment than other plastics and synthetics, but is still not ideal. Brands know that consumers want to buy eco-friendly yoga mats, so some use greenwashing marketing tactics to appear more sustainable than they really are.

Better options for eco friendly yoga mats are made from natural and organic materials such as cotton and hemp. These are better for your health, the way they are produced is better for the planet, and they biodegrade back to the Earth.

Here are my Favorite Eco Friendly Yoga Mats!


Ajna Organic Yoga Mat

One misconception about eco friendly yoga mats is that they don’t have as much grip, but this excellent organic natural jute mat is not slippery at all. It’s made from jute fibres and PER, a biodegradable synthetic rubber that’s nontoxic and chemical free.

The jute fibres repel smells and sweat stains. It’s also super lightweight and portable. A bonus for the environment is that Ajna plants a tree for every yoga mat sold.

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eco friendly yoga mats

Organic Hemp Yoga Mat

Not only is this organic hemp mat biodegradable, it’s also handmade. This mat is all-natural, made with hand-picked pure raw wild hemp, fine hemp cotton, and natural wool for a super soft and comfortable finish. It’s also beautiful!

No bleach, chemicals or dyes are used in the mat’s production process. Instead, the fibers are hand-harvested, washed in ash water, hand-spun weaved, and stitched. This is as organic as they come.

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eco friendly yoga mats

Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

Handwoven with organic cotton, this natural yoga mat is anti-odor and perfect for even the sweatiest of yoga sessions. It’s also anti-slip, especially if you choose the option with a natural rubber back finish from Kerala, which sticks to floors easily and allows you to effortlessly pull off advanced poses and hot yoga.

I love that these mats are longer and wider than average, at 25” x 74”, giving you more space to practice.

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eco friendly yoga mats

Organic Hemp Yoga Mat

This super high quality eco-friendly, and fully biodegradable yoga mat has one layer made from hand-extracted pure wild hemp, while the other side is made of fine hemp cotton, and between them both is a middle layer of soft, natural wool.

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The result? A mat so soft, comfortable and pleasant to use, that it can also double up as an outdoor mat for sitting, sleeping or even as a car pillow.

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cork yoga mat

Organic Cork and Natural Rubber Yoga Mat

Made from sustainably sourced organic cork harvested from the bark of trees, and 100% natural, rubber padding, these mats are totally recyclable and non-toxic.

Not only are these eco-friendly materials easy to clean, but they naturally eliminate bacteria and germs while also repelling mold and mildew, and thanks to the thick rubber, they’ll hold in place without any slipping, all the way through your yoga session – so there’s no need for a towel with them, too.

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Organic Cork and Rubber Yoga Mat

This eco-friendly yoga mat ccombines style and substance. Made from premium sustainable materials, it’s fully environmentally friendly and boasts an impressive 5mm thick layer of completely renewable organic cork, with natural non-slip rubber reverse.

Cork is an ideal material for yoga mats as it is light and portable, while being sweat-absorbent, so it’s perfect for hot yoga and sweaty sessions. Plus, this mat is available in a selection of classy and irresistible designs – it’s so hard to choose!

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ayurvedic yoga mat

Yoga Mat Infused with Ayurvedic Herbs

Ayurvedic herbs have incredible health benefits and have been used for wellness for hundreds of years. Now, bring those centuries of benefits to your yoga session with this organic cotton mat which is not only infused with herbs, but dyed with them – which is where it gets its gorgeous all-natural colors from.

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Organic Cotton Yoga Mat

Handwoven over a period of three days from all natural cotton fibers, these sturdy organic mats are built to last, and exude expert craftsmanship. I love that they are extra long so they are great for both men and women.

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