Behind the Facade



These were taken by one of my favorite photographers, Natasha Wilson. I had been wanting to work with her and we ended up collaborating on a neckwear shoot years later. At the time of this shoot, I had a severe herniated disc in my back and could hardly walk, sleep, or do much of anything for months due to the pain. I was actually propping myself up which is why I’m in sort of a funny stance. That year I was reminded to never take anything for granted, especially my health. Still, I love the way Natasha captured the lighting and motion at the charming Madeline Garden tea house in Pasadena where we did the shoot!

It’s a strange feeling when you look back at a photo taken during a difficult time in your life. Sometimes it makes me feel grateful or proud that I’ve moved past a challenge I faced. Other times I wish I had enjoyed the moment more, because things weren’t as bad as they felt at the time. Do you ever feel this way?

laurel yellow dress
laurel style

Laurel wears L’atiste By Amy skirt and top



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