laurel hawaii


VERY exciting news!

After nearly a year of deciding where to make my new home base, everything came together perfectly to point me towards the Aloha State. Yes, I’m moving to Oahu, Hawaii!

I can’t wait to share all the beautiful places I explore around the Hawaiian Islands. Part of the reason I decided on Hawaii is that my family is actually creating an avocado farm in the Big Island, and my parents will soon be moving to Kona full time. I’m looking forward to helping them on the farm and living fairly close by.

If you have suggestions of things to do in Hawaii please send them to me! While living in Oahu I’m going to be getting a master’s degree in Sustainability. As I learn more about sustainability I’ll be sharing better-informed content about sustainable travel, fashion, home, and design. I’d love to hear from you about what sustainable living and eco-friendly lifestyle tips you’d be interested in. I’m looking forward to expanding my design studio to include more sustainability-focused projects as well.



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