11+ Best Eco Friendly Gifts on Etsy

So…. I’m supposed to be studying for finals, but I’m having much more fun holiday shopping! I’m making an extra effort to shop from small businesses this year, and I always find the best handmade, eco friendly gifts on Etsy.

Etsy is my always favorite place to look for cute stocking stuffers, and I’ve also found some beautiful eco-friendly cards and gift wrap on the site.

Here is a roundup of my favorite eco friendly Etsy gifts for this year, all under $100. I hope this guide helps you find the perfect gift for everyone on your list! Check out all my other gift guides for even more ideas.





Linen Pinafore Apron

When I saw this linen apron, I instantly fell in love with it. I just love the relaxed homey style! With the material being 100% linen and 5 pockets, this is the perfect gift for anyone who loves to spend time in the kitchen. 

The best part? The designer can dye it just about any color that you can imagine. Not only is this apron adorable and eco-friendly, it’s a super unique and customizable gift for anyone on your list.

Check out the linen pinafore apron

Luxury Eco-Friendly Gift Box

This Luxury Eco-Friendly Gift Box is always on the top of my list for all of my girlfriends who are interested in living more sustainably. It comes with everything you need for a luxurious night in! Face wipes, lip gloss, shampoo, conditioner… everything you can think of! 

The best part? It’s all sustainable.

Check out the eco friendly gift box 

Organic Hair Mask Sampler Set

A fair warning- this is one of those gifts that you order one for them… and one for you. Trust me! 

I am totally in love with this Hair Mask Set. So much so that I always buy multiple whenever it is in stock. No matter what time of year it is, I feel like my hair always needs a little TLC and this set always provides. 

Between an avocado mask, egg yolk, banana, or honey, you will be able to restore hair to its natural, healthy glory. 

I am also obsessed with the packaging. Each hair mask comes in a glass jar and is stored inside a reusable linen/hemp drawstring bag. 

Perfect gift for anyone with hair!!

Check out the hair mask sampler set

Eco Friendly Notebook

One of the best gift finds for guys on Etsy, in my opinion, is this awesome Eco Friendly Journal from Tree&Journal. Made from bamboo and linen paper, this gender neutral notebook is a great purchase for anyone on your list this holiday season, but especially for the men in our lives who can be so hard to shop for. 

This journal has all of my favorite features that a notebook can have. You can choose from blank, lined, or grid pattern pages. The bamboo hard cover makes it easy to throw in your gym bag or backpack and protect all of your precious thoughts. 

An added bonus? For every journal that is purchased, a tree is planted with a partnership with Tree Sisters. 

Check out the journal

Vegan Zero Waste Makeup Palette

You know that sound that someone makes when they open a gift that they really cannot believe that you found for them? The kind that is just so unbelievably perfect that they are in shock? I call that the ‘happy gasp’. I promise you this- this vegan makeup palette from Clean Faced Cosmetics will provide a ‘happy gasp’ from anyone you choose to give it to. 

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This makeup palette isn’t only vegan, its zero waste and completely customizable. That means that you get to pick out your 4 favorite items that the business offers to create a makeup look that is completely unique.

Check out the makeup palette

Custom Vegan Leather Journal

These gorgeous custom vegan leather journals from IndigoArtisans are so unique, they are one of my favorite eco friendly gifts on Etsy. Each journal is handmade with a color, pattern, and size that is all chosen by you! 

Anyone on your list that is an avid journal keeper will absolutely love this gift. With vegan leather (typically known as cork leather), it really gives the look and feel of a leather journal, but a more eco friendly sustainable alternative.

Check out the journals

The Happy Necklace

This necklace does exactly what the name promises- it makes you happy! How? Its upcycled bicycle tube material has an edgy style and sophistication that will compliment almost any outfit. 

Made of chain and bike tubes, this necklace will take any outfit to the next level. If you have any sustainable style lovers on your list, check out the Happy Necklace from Tubes of a Feather.

One of the best parts of this necklace? A portion of the proceeds from your purchase go towards World Bicycle Relief to get bikes to people in need all around the world. 

Check out the necklace

Upcycled Vinyl Record Studs

These awesome earrings are such a fun gift idea for music lovers!

Made from upcycled vinyl records, these studs are the perfect gift for your friends hoping for some unique accessories. Made from upcycled materials, these vinyl record studs are unique in color and shape. 

They are also known for their lightness- vinyl records make the perfect earrings!

Check out the earrings

Eco Friendly Bamboo Kitchen Set

This bamboo kitchen set is gorgeous, definitely one of my favorite eco friendly gifts on Etsy !

Ellie’s Eco Shop really hit the nail on the head this year with this adorable gift set! Complete with pot brushes, sustainable sponges, and cotton vegetable bags, this kit will make anyone excited to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

Check out the kitchen set

Cork Yoga Mat

As someone who loves fitness, this cork yoga mat is the type of gift I would love to receive. It is hard to find a genuinely eco friendly yoga mat that is thick and cute- but this one fits the bill! I’m always on the lookout for eco-friendly yoga accessories.

Sew Swank Shop found the best way to create an adorable yoga mat for hot yoga, meditation, exercise, or anything else that you can think of. 

If you have a yogi on your Christmas list, then take a look at these yoga mats this Holiday season!

Check out the cork yoga mat

Zero Waste Kit

Do you have any friends that want to begin living a more eco-friendly life, but just don’t know where to start? This Zero Waste Kit from Battle Green Box is the perfect starting point!

This kit is great for any beginner hoping to make some lifestyle changes and enjoy it every step of the way. Complete with cotton shopping bags, vegan shampoo bar, bamboo cotton buds and more! 

One of the best gifts on Etsy for anyone beginning a plastic free journey!

Check out the zero waste kit

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